Principal Kafele is coming to MTSD!

One of the most sought-after school leadership experts and education speakers in America, Principal Kafele is coming to Marked Tree to visit with parents, students, and teachers! He has delivered and conducted over one thousand conference and program keynotes, professional development workshops, parenting seminars, and student assemblies. His message of inspiring school and classroom excellence is vastly impacting America’s school leaders and teachers! Principal Kafele will be coming to Marked Tree on January 6th and 7th.  

On Monday, January 6th, Principal Kafele will give a presentation to  Marked Tree parents and community stakeholders.  This event will start at 6:00 pm and will last until 7:30 pm.  While we all know research finds children perform better in school when their parents are involved, parental engagement and involvement continues to be a major challenge for many schools across the U.S.  The fact is that there are many parents who are extremely well-intentioned, but simply at a loss for what to do to facilitate the educational process while their children are at home. In this empowering workshop, through an assortment of reflective questions, Principal Kafele provides parents with the “tools” they need to be effective “educators” of their children at home while simultaneously providing solid support while their children are at school. Topics include: Essentials for Success, Encouragement for Success, Empowerment for Success, Character for Success, Literacy for Success, Historical Competence for Success, Nurturing for Success, Accountability for Success, Monitoring for Success and Choices for Success.  Principal Kafele is a nationally known author and is one of the most sought after speakers in education.

Principal Kafele will also work with our teachers all day on January 6th and will speak to some students on January 7th.  

Please plan on coming to see Principal Kafele and learn how to help our kids, school, and community.