Free Family Literacy Classes to be held at MTSD

Marked Tree School District, in conjunction with Arkansas State University-Newport, will be hosting free family literacy classes on the campus of Marked Tree High School.  The goals of these classes are as follows:
1.  Assist your child in their education-  Parents have their child's best interest at heart and want to help improve their literacy skills.  We also know that you might not know how to do that!  Well, these classes can help give you the skills and some tips on ways to help improve your ability to create a positive learning environment in your home.
2.  GED Preparation-  If you didn't get your high school diploma and want to earn your GED, this class will help you prepare for it!  It is never too late to improve your life.  A GED is a great first step!
3.  Employability Skills-  Are you looking for work? Do you want a better job?  There are so many jobs that are available in NEA!  These classes can help give you an edge by helping improve your oral communication skills and your writing ability.  
This is not just for parents of students or members of our community.  If you are considering working on your GED, this is a great opportunity for you to prepare for the program.
Literacy is the one skill we can give our children that can transform their life.  While we know that no one underestimates the importance of literacy, we also know that our parents might need help or training on teaching literacy skills to their children.  
This is too important to pass up!
We hope you will consider participating in this program.  This is another way we are trying to "serve our students, serve our families, and serve our community."

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