Marked Tree School District Calendar for 2021-2022 School Year

Marked Tree School District has announced its calendar for the 2021-2022 School Year.  The dates are below:
August 9-12-  Professional Development
August 12- Open House (Tentative)
August 16- First Day of School
Sept. 6- Labor Day (No School)
Sept. 14- Parent Teacher Conferences
October 15- End of 1st 9 Weeks
October 18- Start of 2nd 9 Weeks
November 16- Parent Teacher Conferences
November 22 and 23- Professional Development (No Students)
November 24-26- Thanksgiving Break
December 21- End of 2nd Quarter
December 22-January 4- Christmas Break
January 5- Return from Christmas Break
January 14- Professional Development (No students)
January 17- Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (No Students)
February 10- Parent Teacher Conferences
February 18- Professional Development (No Students)
February 21- Presidents' Day (No Students)
March 18-  End of 3rd Quarter
March 21-25- Spring Break
March 28-  Start of 4th Quarter
April 15th- Good Friday
May 26- Last Day of School
We also have updated our online school calendar.   You can subscribe to our calendar and it will upload into your smart phone or device.  From there, you can create reminders or alarms!  To subscribe, scroll down on our homepage to our calendar and hit the "show all dates" button. On the events bar on the far right, you can hit subscribe.