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Ms. Pharis's Personal Page

Telling someone general, personal information about yourself is always awkward, isn't it? It's the thing that we do on the first day of school to help us get to know our students. Sometimes kids tell the minimum and sometimes they tell a novel's worth of information, but it's hard to discern if information relayed during those times really tells you who a person is at all. So, I promise to paint as good of a picture as I can of myself.
I graduated from Arkansas State University with a BSE in English in 1997 and from UCA with a Masters Degree in School Counseling in 2015, I have been employed at Marked Tree ever since I graduated from ASU. I have taught 7th-12th grade English. My current jobs include being the high school counselor, AP Language teacher, and Yearbook adviser.
I have two children who are the greatest loves of my life: Braden, a crop insurance adjuster for ProAg and Brittany, a junior nursing major at Arkansas State. I also have a wiley little fur baby named Gabe who means more to me that I could ever have imagined. He's my best friend on earth.
I also have hundreds of school kids who I could not live without. When teachers tell you that they're school kids are only theirs for a little while in class but forever in their hearts, it's true. It's sappy and sentimental and cliched. But it's true. My school kids become my family. I strive to teach my kids exactly how I would want my own children taught. 
Some of the best days of my life happened when I was in school, and I want my students to have the same experiences. Hopefully, each day they learn and laugh and learn to love--themselves and others. 
I am in class during second, third, and sixth periods. My office hours are all times in between those times.My email address is
I am always happy to hear from you.