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Mrs. Wolfe's Social Studies

My name is Heather Wolfe and I teach History at Marked Tree High School. 
I enjoy spending time with my family and reading.  I have a little girl named Everleigh Jo who is 2 and a half years old and 1 dog and a cat.  
I also enjoy taking students to Washington D.C. every summer and hope to continue to do so. 
I will be using Google Classroom for all information pertaining to my classes during school and also should a shutdown occur, this is where I will be posting assignments.  Parents, please subscribe to my Google Classroom so they you can receive updates whenever I post information.  
I will also be using the Remind app for parents and students to send out occassional reminders for homework and tests.  This is also great if parents or students have questions they can easily message me. 
Instructions are on the right side of this page for signing up for Google Classroom and Remind.  
My class schedule: 
1st APUSH (8:02 - 8:49) 
2nd World History (8:53 - 9:40)
3rd 7th Grade Geography (9:44 - 10:27) 
4th 7th Grade Geography (10:31 - 11:18) 
5th World History (11:26 - 12:11) 
6th Civics (12:47 - 1:34) 
7th American History (1:38 - 2:25) 
8th Prep (2:29 - 3:13) 
Below you will find my welcome letter and at the end of it are the Google Classroom Subscription Instructions. 
Classroom Supplies:
All classes will need a 3 ring binder, paper, and a writing utensil every day.  
Remind Instructions: Please be sure and click on the correct link as I have separate links for each grade.