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Ms. Kathleen's Personal Page

Hello! My name is Kathleen Otterpohl, and I am the 3rd grade math and science teacher at Marked Tree Elementary School. This is my first year at Marked Tree Elementary, but this my second year teaching. I am from Cherry Valley, Ar. I graduated from Cross County High School in 2011. I then went on to college and graduated from Arkansas State University in May of 2018 with my Bachelors of Education K-6. I am so excited to be teaching 3rd grade and I am so excited to see what this year holds! My planning period is 8:40 - 9:25.
Class Schedule:
7:55-8:40- Block 1 Math
8:40-9:25- Activity
9:25-9:55- Block 1 Math
9:55-10:15- Recess
10:15-11:35- Block 2 Math
11:35-12:00- Lunch
12:00-12:20- Recess
12:20-1:40- Block 2 Math/Science/Health
1:40-3:05- Block 1 Math/Science/Health
School Phone Number: 870-358-2193