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Nash's Classroom

Hello! I hope you all have had a good long summer break and enjoyed the summer sun these last couple of months. I am new to the Marked Tree School District as a teacher, this is my first year. I am beyond excited and blessed with the opportunity to be your teacher this school year, I hope you are as excited about this school year as I am! I will be co-teaching 7th and 9th grade English and math, along with two different English classes of my own. I am also the assistant Jr. and Sr. Girls basketball coach with Coach Frazier. I have my Google Classroom set up for my 6th period and 7th period English classes and I will post the code below. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.
Thank you,
Amelia Nash
First Period                     7:58-8:45                   Co-Teach 7th Math
Second Period                8:49-9:36                   Co- Teach Alg 1
Third Period                    9:40-10:27                   Co- Teach 7th Eng
Fourth Period                 10:31-11:18                   Co- Teach 9th Eng
Fifth Period                     11:52-12:39                               Prep
Sixth Period                    12:43-1:30                           Res. Eng
Seventh Period               1:34-2:21                           Res. Eng
Eighth Period                  2:25-3:12                    Sr.High Study Hall
6TH Period: ddbckti
7TH Period: 2gbjngs
PHONE: 501-358-2891