MTSD Homecoming

Homecoming is quickly approaching!

As many of you know, Homecoming was originally scheduled for the week of October 4th.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are pushing Homecoming back one week!

Below is a list of events during Homecoming Week:

Monday, October 11th

We will have the Bonfire.  It will be held across from the gym and by tennis courts.  It will begin at 7:00.

Tuesday, October 12th

The high school will host the first ever edition of "The Family Feud!"  This is being hosted by our Junior Class.  Tickets will be $1.  The money goes to our Jr. Class to help with prom.  This event will be held at the auditorium.

Wednesday, October 13th

On Wednesday, the high school will have the Mini-Olympics Class Competition.  Student will participate in games to earn point for their class! This event will begin at 1:30 and will be held at Don Lovell Memorial Field.

Thursday, October 14th

The Pep-Rally will be held at the Football Field.  It will begin at 2:00 p.m.  We will allow the community to attend, but there will be a designated side for parents and one for students.   Masks will be required. 

Friday, October 15th- Homecoming and Senior Night

Our elementary school will have TRIBE DAY!  This is a fun-filled day for our elementary students.  

The parade will begin at 2:00 p.m.  If you want to participate in the parade, please register by clicking here!

Senior night will be held at 6:00.  This is for seniors who participate in fall extracurricular activities.    Their respective organizational sponsor will give them all of the needed information on Monday.  Homecoming Royalty will walk at 6:15.  The game will begin at 7:00.  Our opponent for Homecoming is England.

Dress-Up Days:

Monday-  Pink Day (Both campuses)-  Wear pink in honor of breast cancer survivors!  EVERYTHING PINK! 

Tuesday- 70's Character Day-  Dress up as your favorite 70's character.  It can be a movie, rock star, band member, artist, politician, athlete....anything that is 70's related!  


Elementary school will have Blue and Gold Day.  High School will wear their class color for the Mini-Olympic games

Thursday- Flower Power Day- Dress like the 70's!  Tie-dye, flowers, peace signs, wire rimmed glasses, bell bottoms, peasant style shirts...anything 


Our elementary school should wear Tribe Colors.  For high school, it is Blue and Gold Day!