Coach Wilburn giving interview

Originally published by Arkansas Sports Network

Coach of the Year Watchlist - Three Things That Make Them Great

Marked Tree Boys Head Coach

Barbara Wilburn

Grade A+

Wilburn has won a boys state championship that alone makes her speecial. The fact that she has been runner up in 2 others makes her arguably the best small school coach to ever do it. Lets look at what makes Wilburn “GREAT”

I personally think the #1 thing that makes Wilburn great is her toughness. She is very tough and a strong disciplinarian.

The #2 thing that makes her great is the ability to get the best out of each individual player. She knows each players strength and each players weakness. that allows her to put each individual player in the best position to succeed. If that player is not doing his job she will call a timeout and let them know about it.

The #3 thing is just simply a student of the game. As a star at ASU, she learned how the game was early on and became well-versed in the game. Her ability to see something in the game and correct it comes from her knowledge.

We look forward to seeing what is next in this unfinished book. “The Icon” is still being written.